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...and were...and will be....

including (but not limited to)...

other heretofore undiscovered

verb tenses, states of being, space-time discotechs, geometrically jellied jumblybobs, and objectively notched solar orbit measurements. 

Ernie "Oin or Rocktopus" Kaste

Drums' drums, a rainbow of other percussions, the TV tray ala "My Expressive Breakfast", vocals

Jed "Silent E" Van Zee

Very delightful and sturdy bass rhythms, vocals, and other things that his inner polyphonic voice machine is not authorized to disclose

Brian "Generalissimo Holtzkamp

Profound guitarwerks and transdimensionalistic jamming, including some vocals

Jeffrey " Jeffrey" Dunitz

Most welcome and accommodating drums and other various and sundry percussions

Dan "One Cup of Sugar" Conley

Intrepid bass and curly-haired vocals for Silly Songs for Serious People

Neil "Codfish Alice" Cunningham

Power chord strums and dreamy, soursweet candy-like vocalisms

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