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Pointing fingers at the wall 

Blaming bricks for Humpty's fall

Bricks they frown they blame the ground

Ground don't care the problem's theirs!

Pointing fingers at the fleas!

They make poor doggie scratch and wheeze

Neighbor blaming neighbors for the hole between their fence

Fingers pointing fingers finding fault for flea problems


Finger pointing at the sky! 

For being blue when the sun gets in my eye! 

Cursing the raindrops that keep falling on my nose

Blaming puddles for the wrinkles on my toes!!!

"When you go to a live Goobz show, you don't really go to listen.

You more or less watch them deconstruct onstage. It's disturbing."

- Darla K., a person who has seen a few Goobz shows and does not consider herself a fan

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