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Bubblezubbles! Zubblebubbles! Lubblzubbles! Bubblezubbles! 

Bubbles on your face. 

Bubbl;es all over the place. 

The world's a maze of bubbles. 

Tiny and crazy bubbles.

Bubbles in your beer. 

Make you feel kinda weird. 

I'm feeling like a bubbles. 

I'm slowly drifting far away.....drifting away....


Zubblezubbles. Lubblezubbles.

Bubbles everywhere. 

Some go here and some there. 

Sunny and moony bubbles. 

Hot air balloony bubbles. 

Bubbles they go pop. 

Shoo be do be do bop.

I'm just a single bubble

I'm slowly drifting into space. 


Bubbles in between

Places I've never been

Neon lit creamy bubbles 

Stroboscopic dreamy bubbles

Bubbles bounce and drop

Shoo be do be do bop!

I'm feeling like a bubble

I'm slowly drifting far away!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

"When you go to a live Goobz show, you don't really go to listen.

You more or less watch them deconstruct onstage. It's disturbing."

- Darla K., a person who has seen a few Goobz shows and does not consider herself a fan

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